PAF Architecture, LLC

PAF Architecture, LLC
"Creativity is contagious.  Pass it on." - Albert Einstein
We'd like to share a few ideas - big and small - that haved occupied our time.

Bearden Place Competition Submission No. 1
Aimed directly at the challenge of rebuilding and developing healthy and sustainable neighborhoods in areas hit strongest by the foreclosure crisis, this proposal introduces an incentive program for local businesses and residents to share the responsibility of rebuilding. The project models an approach to rebuilding that encourages community participation. It may be employed again and again in neighborhoods throughout the state. Implemented in areas where new construction costs are frequently double that of the sale price of existing neighboring homes, this design proposes a social construct for achieving neighborhood sustainability through community participation. Inspired by the Livestrong wristband, Bearden Place – the pilot project of (PAF concept organization) – is marked with bright yellow signage. Gable rake boards and select siding panels exhibit the group’s mission, call to action, sponsorship, and Web site URL. is a housing cooperative. Community groups, non-profits, and local businesses are encouraged to participate and offer their unique expertise. (more)

Bearden Place Competition Submission No. 2
The second of two proposals by PAF for the Bearden Place Competition.  This design proposes that by designing a space that is both active and interactive, a collaborative and productive community can flourish.  Facing units with front porches encourage interaction across the center court.  Paver lights in the zones across units promote the distinct social aspect of this space.  Several of the work spaces can be combined, and inspire collaboration and interactivity between residents.  Vinyl board and batten siding on the north and south sides help direct the architectural focus, while active monochromatic panels give energy to the east and west facades. (more)

Sketch Gallery
A collection of architectural sketches for various projects done by PAF Architecture.

Plant Squared- An Urban Farm
The thesis project of Carl Olson, completed in 2007 while at the University of Minnesota's College of Design.
The populations of cities worldwide are increasing, fossil fuel consumption is growing, and the ability to sustainably feed our populations is dwindling. Fossil fuels are currently used in every stage of production in modern industrial agriculture, from the pesticides and herbicides used to treat the crops and land, to the machines that patrol and harvest. At the same time, the demand for organic food is increasing, and as a result is shipped from all over the world- thus negating any consumption benefit from its organic growth.  The Urban Farm was a study in one way this could be addressed- by bringing the production of food into the fabric of the population centers that consume it. (more)

Seoul Performing Art Center
PAF Architecture’s proposal for the 2004 international Seoul Performing Arts Center design competiton is a dramatic and memorable architectural landmark for the city. Inspired by the creativity and story-telling of the performing arts, the building’s design presents its own narrative about the unique qualities of the site, the surrounding Hangang River, the building’s function, and the city. (more)

John Reed Forsman Photography Studio
Located in St. Louis Park, MN, this project was a build-out of an existing warehouse space for a photography studio. The client, John Forsman Photography, specializes in product photography for advertising, and considered natural light in the space the top priority for the design.  Designed by Carl Olson while at ALTUS Architecture + Design. (more)

'ArtWORK' | 'ArtPLAY' Gallery Competition
The ‘ArtWORK | ArtPLAY’ opens, and the artwork set in the display spaces. As the viewers arrive, the cars fill, start and whirl. Viewers are instantly transformed into involved parties, actively participating with the display. Art pieces spin by, providing hints and answers to those waiting and watching. The ride stops, the cars spinning gently, to bring more participants into the fold. As they do, the surrounding crowd lingers on the now stationary works. The cars filled, the cycle starts again.  (more)

Designed for the TOGS2 Gallery Competition for Art Alliance Austin, Austin TX, 2009.