PAF Architecture, LLC

PAF Architecture, LLC

Bearden Place Competition Submission No. 1

Designed for Bearden Place Competition - 2010

Aimed directly at the challenge of rebuilding and developing healthy and sustainable neighborhoods in areas hit strongest by the foreclosure crisis, this proposal introduces an incentive program for local businesses and residents to share the responsibility of rebuilding. The project models an approach to rebuilding that encourages community participation. It may be employed again and again in neighborhoods throughout the state. Implemented in areas where new construction costs are frequently double that of the sale price of existing neighboring homes, this design proposes a social construct for achieving neighborhood sustainability through community participation.

Inspired by the Livestrong wristband, Bearden Place – the pilot project of (PAF concept organization) – is marked with bright yellow signage. Gable rake boards and select siding panels exhibit the group’s mission, call to action, sponsorship, and Web site URL. is a housing cooperative. Community groups, non-profits, and local businesses are encouraged to participate and offer their unique expertise. Temporary signage may be placed on the houses by way of removable, interchangeable, and reusable, rain screen panels. For up to three years, a group or business may advertise their community involvement and commitment to neighborhood revitalization. The sponsorship fees for advertising help to support the housing projects, the network of professionals, and their mission. The panelized facade with removable logos draws attention to the houses, showcasing the concerted action of the group - while providing an additional funding source for the housing projects.

In essence, the brand provides disparate community groups with a method for engaging seasoned planning, financing, and building professionals – while also tackling funding hurdles – in the effort of providing the needed affordable housing in their area.